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Pregnancy & Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman’s life filled with new experiences, heightened excitement, mixed emotions, and significant physical changes. It’s also a time filled with many unanswered questions. Pregnant women discover that the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy can result in a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy that can eliminate common pregnancy complaints like chronic back pain, sleeplessness, lack of control over bodily functions, swelling and joint pain.

In addition to helping the mom-to-be, pregnancy chiropractic care has also been proven to resolve fetal position complications, help relieve labor complications, and improve the labor and delivery experience for both mother and baby.  At Caldwell Wholistic & Chiropractic Inc., our goal in treating moms-to-be is to make their pregnancy the fulfilling and joyful experience it is truly meant to be.