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What is CBD Oil?

A few years ago, hardly anyone knew about CBD oil. Today there’s a huge demand for it. Millions of people are taking CBD oil as a health supplement. But what exactly is it? Where does it come from? Simply put, CBD Oil is a derivative of the Cannabis plant that has been proven to have numerous therapeutic and pain management capabilities without giving the mood and mind altering effect that people associate with marijuana. CBD Oil is considered to be on the cutting-edge of providing a natural, holistic approach to treating patients who have found that other medications have not provided the answers and relief they’ve sought on their path to wellness. Caldwell Wholistic & Chiropractic Inc. is one of the leading clinics in the Silicon Valley area for CBD Oil treatment, offering our own line of oils, creams and tinctures specially designed to compliment your overall treatment plan and as a component to your complete wellness goal.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the natural aromatic compounds extracted from the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants – often called the “lifeblood” of the plant. Pure essential oils should never contain fillers or artificial ingredients that dilute their active qualities. The use of plants has been linked to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of humans since the beginning of time, and while essential oils are incredibly fragrant, they also have both medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Essential oils are often used as natural, drugless alternatives in holistic health care practices. Their unique chemistry allows them to be used either aromatically or topically, and some can be used as dietary aids to promote vitality and well being.

At Caldwell Wholistic & Chiropractic Inc., we believe that essential oils can provide a natural component of an overall wellness treatment plan.  Dr. Caldwell is an expert in using essential oils in the treatment of patients, and offers her own line of essential oil products, creams and tinctures to NATURALLY aid you in your wellness goals.